18 Jul
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Home from Summer Camp

I answered the phone this afternoon and was greeted with, “Hi Mom. I missed you.” It was the first time in six days we had any communication from our oldest who was at Boy Scout summer camp, and he had missed me. He missed all of us, but let’s focus on the part where he missed ME. I had to keep myself from crying tears of joy and relief. I’m such an emotional sap.

Siblings welcoming big brother home from Boy Scout Camp Alexander Colorado

He was full of stories from his week. Six days is, by far, the longest we’ve gone without talking. He was talking fast, and everything was running together. I struggled to keep up with him, but didn’t dare interrupt to stop his sharing. From what I gathered, there were no bears or broken extremities or illness or any other injury. My imagination can conjure quite the scenarios, and I had a few wild thoughts concerning that boy at summer camp. Honestly, camp seems pretty tame to what I had envisioned. The best part of the phone call: we would see him in two hours.

boy holding Boys Scout patch from Camp Alexander Colorado

He had siblings waiting by the front window excited to greet him. The poor kid was pounced on before he put his bags down. I can sense the confidence one week away from home has given him. He knows he can take care of himself without relying on one of his parents. It was a wonderful growth experience for him and a necessary one for me.


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