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Adding to Our List of Unique Camping Experiences

Little Brooklyn Lake Snowy Range Wyoming

We’re tent campers, so when we have the chance to camp with an actual roof over our heads, it’s a luxury. We actively search for ways to avoid bringing a tent, cots, and air mattresses while still enjoying the camping experience. Six sleeping bags require quite a bit of packing space. This summer we’ve slept in a yurt, a tipi and now a U.S. Forest Service guard station.

Little Brooklyn Guard Station Snowy Range Wyoming

The Forest Service has cabins of varying degrees of size, amenities and cost in the west. We’ve scoped-out several cabins in Wyoming over the last couple of years to rent, but we’ve never been able to get our timing right for when the cabin we wanted, when we wanted it, was available. Labor Day weekend was the first time our plans worked the way we hoped. Check out possible locations here. If trying to reserve a holiday weekend, be prepared to make the reservation 180 days in advance, which is the earliest allowed. Weekday reservations clear of holidays are much easier to obtain.

View of Telephone Lake Snowy Range Wyoming

We stayed in the two-room Little Brooklyn Guard Station cabin in the Snowy Range west of Laramie, Wyoming. The cabin is rustic, but quite glamorous compared to our normal camping experience. It rained one night during our stay. We were oblivious tucked under our roof with a wood-burning stove that was efficient enough for us to not need sleeping bags most of the night. There wasn’t a refrigerator (currently broken and removed), but there was a propane stove, propane lights, single beds with mattresses (5), a futon, a table and chairs.

Lost Lake Snowy Range Wyoming

The guard station sits at a treeline facing Little Brooklyn Lake. The nighttime view of the Milky Way is reason enough to camp in the Snowy Range, but the quiet and inability to be electronically connected to the rest of humanity was the highlight for me.

St. Alban's Chapel Snowy Range Wyoming

Nearby St. Alban’s Chapel overlooks the forest and was the site of at least two weddings while we were in the area. Brooklyn Lake and campground, along with a major trailhead, are a short 1-mile drive from the guard station. We hiked past East and West Glacier Lakes, Telephone Lakes and Lost Lake. We also hiked to Lookout Lake from the Mirror Lake Picnic Area. If hiking and alpine lakes are your thing, the Snowy Range is worth exploring.

Lookout Lake Snowy Range Wyoming

Fall was in the air. Leaves were tinged with yellow. The wind howled through the tall pine and spruce trees, and lakes were dotted with white-capped waves. We donned stocking hats and put logs on the fire. The air was crisp, and our clothes were layered. Labor Day weekend is our farewell to summer. The mountains were the perfect place to reflect on the joy the last three months have been, and ready myself to greet the fall. I’ve made peace with the loss of freedom summer lends to my daily life and am ready for the structure of the next season.

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