15 Sep
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Our Girl Turns 6

little girl standing at overlook in Bryce Canyon National Park

When we found out I was pregnant with our fourth child, I knew it was a boy. I thought I was destined to be a mother of men and liked the idea of a house full of boys.  At my 20-week ultrasound appointment, my doctor told us our baby had a hamburger, not a hot dog. We were adding a girl to the family.

I left in disbelief. Not because I didn’t want a daughter, I thought we only made boys. We painted a bedroom lavender. I received oodles of adorable girl clothing from well-wishing friends and family. Yet, I still wondered if she might actually be a he.

three brothers meeting their baby sister for the first time

When that 11-pound, 23-inch baby girl was born, she changed the dynamic of our family. The boys were mesmerized by this strange and different addition to the house. Our then three-year-old youngest son, met his sister in the hospital and immediately tried to carry her from my arms. He was ready to take that sister home. She’s become a nurturer to the boys as much as they are her protectors.

Today marks six years since the birth of our daughter and last baby. I find ballet shoes mixed with football cleats. Hair ties are with Nerf bullets.  Glitter seems to appear out of nowhere.

family of six selfie at Bryce Canyon National Park

I watch our daughter wearing a twirly dress, pigtails flying playing flag football with her brothers, purse slung across her chest. She’ll climb trees in tutus and carry a baby on a hike. Her brothers will sit on the floor painstakingly changing Barbie clothes or shoes on Polly Pockets. Two of the boys know how to braid hair.

She softens the edges in our house. The boys and her work in tandem against stereotypes they see in the media from books, to TV, to magazines and toys. I’m glad the boys have a baby sister to grow up with, even if they would say they could do with a little less talking.

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