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Scheduling Time for Exercise

*I have not been compensated in any way by Fitness Blender. The following are my opinions based on my personal experience.

There are a couple of things I know for certain about myself. One of those is that paying for a gym membership is a waste of my money. I won’t use it consistently. I spent years feeling flabby, carrying extra weight, not sporting a lot of muscle tone and complaining about how impossible it was for a mom of four small children to exercise.

I had all sorts of excuses stealing my motivation. Three years ago I decided to commit to myself. I bought a few expensive programs which were effective but also extremely hard on my aging joints and pushing the 45-60 minute mark per day. I would stay committed for several months before claiming lack of time and fall into the occasional workout routine. It wasn’t until I chose to wake up at 5:30 a.m. Monday-Friday to exercise that I could shake most of my excuses. No one needs me at 5:30 a.m. It truly is my time during the day. The house is quiet. I enjoy starting my day by treating my body well. I find it hard to start my day any other way, although I’m far from morning person status.

woman at the end of a Fitness Blender workout

I discovered Fitness Blender in 2014. Fitnessblender.com is run by a husband and wife team who have 100s of videos available to stream. Videos range in length from 10-minute stretching routines to hour-long monster workouts. There is high intensity training, yoga, kick boxing, weight lifting and more available. Individual videos are free to watch, but programs are also available for purchase. After purchasing the programs, which cost less than $10, users can upload the program to a calendar on their Fitness Blender account. It’s as simple as going to the calendar and clicking on the video for that day. Purchased programs can be done over and over with no further cost.

I immediately enjoyed the videos for two reasons. There’s no music or distracting backgrounds. Most of the videos are filmed in a white room without music. I’ve been known to forgo an exercise program because I can’t handle the musical selection. Secondly, Kelli and Daniel are not overly peppy or annoying. They lead you through the workout without being too motivational. There really is a fine line between motivational and being annoying. I like the balance these two personal trainers offer.

When I first started using Fitness Blender as my main means of exercise, I would randomly pick a video each morning. I was seeing some changes in my body but nothing too noticeable. I did feel much better with the added consistency of exercising five mornings a week, but I wanted to see visible changes.

Making the change to a purchased program last spring was a game-changer. I started with the FB 30 8 week Fat Loss for Busy People. The videos hover around 30 minutes, give or take. I was hooked. My muscle tone was visibly better within two weeks. I’m currently finishing a second round of the 4 Week Core Program for Abs, Obliques and Lower Back.

I can’t tell you how much, if any, weight I’ve lost. The scale and I parted ways years ago. I do know my clothes fit differently and my shape has changed. The biggest plus for me is the mental change in the relationship I have with my body and food. I don’t eat perfectly but try to make good choices. I’m a late night snacker and all attempts to change that have failed. I no longer mentally berate myself over food choices. I see my body in a much more positive light. It’s strong, reasonably healthy and has been through a heck of a lot. There are things I can’t change with exercise alone, gaining and losing 200 pounds in seven years with four pregnancies took a toll, but I no longer see those things as flaws.

I’m always interested in how other moms manage to exercise. Feel free to share any programs or motivation that’s worked for you.

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