1 Dec
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Come Sit at Our Table

girl coloring a Thanksgiving turkey placemat

I long for invites and unexpected text messages. My heart leaps to know someone has thought of me and asked me to a party, dinner or coffee. Even when I can’t accept an invite, which is more often than not, I like to feel included. I love people but fail to make those outside my day-to-day routine a priority. I work from home, so most days the number of people I see outside my family is close to zero.

This tug for connection is strongest around Thanksgiving and overflows into December. I want a house filled with people, stories, games and laughter. My Thanksgiving highlight reel is comprised of those years when friends and their families have asked us to join with them to celebrate our abundance of blessings. I appreciate being asked to someone’s table. My belly is fed along with my heart. My children have a glimpse into a home filled with aunts, uncles and cousins. We have no family in town. Those opportunities of making our own extended family are cherished.

Relationships require nurturing, some more than others. Time is a hot commodity. We have to pick and choose those things we feed with our attention. I’m budgeting my time differently in December. I’m running with the theory that if I like to be included, other people do as well. Our family is dusting off places at our table.

Life perpetually seems to not contain enough time. We’re taking back the power from our over-scheduled lives this holiday season. There are dance recitals, LEGO Robotics championships and Nordic ski meets that require attention, but there’s room for afternoon play dates, text messages sent just because, game nights with more than just our family, and baked goods shared with friends. We’re slowing down and taking time for each other.


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