13 Jan
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Snowy Wyoming hillside with trees

I’ve been slow to warm to 2016. Normally new beginnings invigorate me, but this new year finds me tired and sluggish.

I feel burdened by decisions and the rigmarole of the day-to-day. My system feels overloaded to the point of shutdown. I’ve struggled the last few weeks with the restart of school to establish a rhythm. Nothing seems to click. I seem to be one step off my game and forcing my way through the daily.

I thoroughly enjoyed my break from a schedule over the two weeks our children were on holiday, maybe a little too much. This week I’ve been focusing on a mental restart to 2016. This new year is going to be great, so help me I swear it will. I’m not one for resolutions. I establish goals along the way as travel plans, projects, house needs, kids and work require. I’ve struggled for years with just allowing myself to BE. I want to keep moving forward, growing and learning, but I don’t want to forget that right now is a fine place to be. I’m enough for the moment. This person I am is good. She can just rest and BE.

Instead of resolutions, I’m going for direction. For now I’m focusing on one word: rise.

Rise…each morning to greet the day even though burrowing under the covers against the relentless January chill seems like the best option

Rise…to the commitments I’ve made even though some require daunting tasks

Rise…I was chosen to parent these four children. I can do this and do it well.

Rise…I don’t have to be all things. I can choose my “yes” and use it wisely. Saying no is a perfectly acceptable answer.

Rise…I’m allowed to take care of me. Not all of my moments have to be used in the act of taking care of others.

Rise…My voice and opinion matter. It’s time to speak up more.

Rise…Step out of that box I’ve made so comfortable. This year needs some shaking up.

Rise…My life does not look like yours, and that’s not a bad thing.

Rise…I am more than I give myself credit for and am capable of stepping up to that next challenge.

My perspective needs tweaked just a smidgen. Attempting to shape what I should be and not taking into account what I already am is a disservice to me. Adulting is tough, and I’m only making it more difficult. It’s time to clear away some mental roadblocks and rise to meet a new year.

Do you make resolutions or choose a word for the new year?


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