22 Jan
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Power in Cupcakes

three cupcakes on a plate

I’m awful at recognizing my limits. I knew I was approaching my stress threshold this week, but kept pushing.

Yesterday, I reached my breaking point. My self-induced pressure to fix a situation was causing me stress which was making my household miserable. I couldn’t be done with yesterday fast enough. I needed a start over something fierce.

Today was not a day for emails, meetings or phone calls. Today there were surprise cupcakes at elementary school lunch and coffee with my favorite middle school student. I tried to avoid any and all conflict. Today I stepped back from adulting and gave myself permission to enjoy this role of parent.

I’ve been bogged down by the logistics of parenting the last few weeks and haven’t allowed myself to be in any moment with theses kids. They don’t deserve to be on the receiving end of my snipping and snapping that has nothing to do with them and everything to do with my anger at navigating the world of adults.

Today I attempted to relax. All those things causing me inner turmoil aren’t going away anytime soon. I chose to shelve those items eating away at my joy. As it turns out, cupcakes at lunch buy forgiveness for a grouchy mom. The youngest three knew it was a peace offering and gladly gobbled down my apology.

The teen needed words along with my actions. I apologize to our kids when I’ve treated them unfairly. I feel like I do that more often than not these days. He’s a good kid and knows much of my angst is me and not so much him. Although, he did concede that sometimes he isn’t “exactly” making things easy on his mom.  Coffee, kind words and a few moments of one-on-one spoke volumes to him.

Today was a salve for my soul. I know so many mamas who push their limits like I do. We’re overly hard on ourselves. There’s no shame in seeking a reprieve from the drama and chaos parenting throws at us. Truly enjoy some moments this weekend. I’ll be offering myself forgiveness with the leftover cupcake waiting in my fridge.


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