26 May
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Our Traditional Summer List

flip flops on a sandy Florida beach

I have to stop looking at my social media feeds for the next two weeks. I have several friends, in and out of state, who already are on summer break from school, and I am jealous. The end is in sight for me but not close enough. We have eight school days remaining this school year. The kids are excited for the field trips and picnics and less-rigorous final days of school, but I’m over it. I want to wake-up without an alarm clock, spend hours of unscheduled time outside, stay up late and lose track of time.

I attempted to bribe my children into skipping the last days of school and accepting the unexcused absences. I knew nothing I offered would sway them, but it was worth a shot. They want every second with their friends, and I respect that, even if I’m bone-tired. Eight more school days it is before the freedom of summer.

Every May we sit down as a family and make a summer wish list. Everyone has a chance to add something they want to do or some place they want to visit. There’s only one rule: it has to be feasible. Every year someone attempts to add a trip to England to see friends, but that’s not financially practical for the six of us. A trip to a neighboring state, yes. A trip across the pond, no.

Most items on the list are mundane. Every year making smores is on the list. Nevermind that we’ve already made smores this month. There are trips to our favorite sate park and the movie theatre. We’ve had several items on the list that haven’t been accomplished over a couple of summers and are moved from year-to-year. Our Memorial Day weekend trip this year has been on our summer list for three consecutive years but is finally happening as the kickoff to summer 2016. Hint: It’s in Utah, which is one of our favorite states to visit, but we haven’t been to this particular area.

I enjoy hearing each of the kids’ wish for the summer from swimming to concerts to hiking. All of us enjoy seeing items crossed off the list. Each item represents a new memory for our family. Do you have any must-do family activities?

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