24 Jun
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Parenting the Littles

Something has been missing all week. Someone actually…two someones.

Our oldest two sons have been at summer camp this week which is the first time half of the children have been away at the same time. It’s been interesting to see our third son step into the role of oldest for the week. He’s been extremely helpful and attentive to his sister. He’s enjoyed being the leader instead of the one who tags along with whatever his older siblings want to do. That is until today.

Today he cried uncle. He just wants his favorite playmates home. His sister also claims the house is far too quiet for her liking. I’ve rather liked the decreased noise level but also want all my children back under my roof. I don’t like the feeling of missing pieces or that my children are somewhere without cell service. I don’t like not knowing what is going on in their daily lives. I don’t like knowing that this feeling is something I’ll have to get used to as part of motherhood.

a mom and two children at a waterfall

It has been interesting to see the dynamics at home change without the two oldest boys. The littles have quietly played together moving from one game/set of toys to the next. Our house resembles the years when we had toddlers running the place. All the toys we own seem to be living on the floor in every room. Dress up clothes have been thrown willy-nilly in two of our bedrooms. The hose has been run threw enough times to leave a significant mud track in the backyard.

two siblings running through a backyard sprinkler

It can be tricky raising children with a seven year age gap. It’s difficult, at times, to find the balance that makes everyone feel included and at least partially enjoying themselves. Our older boys enjoy more physical play and would rather watch a Marvel movie over the newest animated feature. There’s more backtalk with the big boys, even if it’s disguised as a debate and sarcastic ribbing. There are more hormones ready to strike at every turn. I’ve enjoyed watching the littles just be little.

As much as I’ve enjoyed this week, I’m ready to hug those big boys of mine. I want to hear their summer camp stories and welcome back the normal vibe in the house. It’ll be noisy. There will be eye-rolling. The six-year-old will rat out her teenage brother several times a day for every conceivable minor infraction. I will claim to be losing my mind. That will all happen in the first 24 hours we’re all reunited, and I can’t wait. This family of mine may be messy at times, but they’re mine.

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