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20 Feb
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Forty years…that seems like a lot of life and yet not much at all.

I won’t shed tears over this milestone. I’ve been celebrating this birthday since last month when we visited California. We spent my birthday weekend snowshoeing in Grand Teton National Park. I said goodbye to my 30s and hello to this new decade with multiple adventures. Growing older has taught me to make experiences happen, and I’m abundantly grateful to have another year of living written in my story.

Each year older is one more year of me truly accepting who I am with all my quirks, my pitfalls, and my strengths. This is the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my own skin. I no longer apologize for big emotions. I feel it all, and I feel it deeply. My passion for those I love and causes I uphold is unbridled.

woman taking selfie in car mirrorEach passing year has me holding my tongue less, for better or for worse. I eat the cake and care less about the calories. The look of my body is not something I waste time dwelling on. I don’t look disdainfully on the stretch marks, the wrinkles and broken veins. I’ve been through physical hell at points in these 4o years. Some of those marks on my body are signs I survived and was able to live on. I focus on what this body does, what it can do and how to fuel it better.

My life focus is more clear lately, even if my memory seems less reliable. I know what I don’t want from this life. I know what drives me. I know what I want my children to learn from me and this life I give them. I’ve been creating and fine tuning myself for 40 years, that’s a gift in itself.

I see glimpses into what lies ahead in the aging department. I don’t recover as quickly from an intense workout. My joints are aching and poppy. There are streaks of silver in my blond and wrinkles on my face. Yet, I like this middle stage of life. I truly hope I’m blessed for 40 or more years of this one great adventure. Embrace the aging. Say what you feel. Love harder. Be kinder to others and yourself. Enjoy your age, whatever the decade.


Different Side of Las Vegas: Valley of Fire State Park
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Different Side of Las Vegas: Valley of Fire State Park

Quite a few people in our circle of friends will be spending Spring Break in Las Vegas. I’ve replied to a few inquiries about family-friendly ideas in Vegas on the cheap and outdoor activities that don’t include sitting poolside. We’ve been through Las Vegas numerous times one our way to and from other adventures like Disneyland, Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley National Park. My go-to suggestion for people staying in Vegas who want an outdoor adventure is Valley... [Read More]

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Sometimes Life is That Cliché
By     |    Feb 3, 2017
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Sometimes Life is That Cliché

If there’s one thing I know about parenting, it’s that children grow up too fast. I know. I know. It’s the epitome of cliché, but also heartrendingly true. Our oldest will be a freshman next year and will register for high school classes this month. I’m sentimental, sometimes to a fault. The email confirming his placement in high school seemed surreal. It surely belonged in someone’s else inbox. I can’t possibly have a teenager in high school. I’m too young,... [Read More]

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Reasons to Tour Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood
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Reasons to Tour Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood

I’ve always been drawn to the magic of movies. My parents owned a video rental store when I was growing up, back when VCRs were just hitting the market and movie night meant watching a video tape. When we decided to spend a day around Hollywood during a recent California vacation, I knew a movie studio tour should be on the agenda. We chose to tour Warner Bros. Studio based on a Harry Potter exhibit, a Batman vehicle exhibit and... [Read More]

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