16 Mar
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That Time Elton John Saved My Sanity

Elton John playing and singing

I know I sound melodramatic, but Elton John may have saved my sanity.

We’re awful at setting time aside for just the two of us. We have dinner dates at home after kids are in bed with takeout and a movie but are pros at having a litany of excuses for not leaving the house on dates. There’s not enough time. There are other ways to spend money. Quite frankly, we’re tired.

Elton John addressing the crowd in Wyoming

Craig enters contests regularly and has won some fun items and excursions in the past. Last week, he texted that he had won tickets to Elton John’s concert in our town. This concert wasn’t on our radar. It was scheduled for the middle of the week and more than we would spend on a date night. Winning tickets took away all our excuses. We were going on a date night with the bonus of being able to treat another couple with tickets.

Elton John playing piano

I’ve been in a funk. Life has become work, cook, laundry, driving, repeat. Craig and I were taking a backseat in our daily grind and efforts to meet the needs of our four kiddos. I feel less like a person and more like a task-oriented machine. Hours before the start of Elton John’s concert I stood in my kitchen cooking and washing dishes and venting to Craig about almost everything. Topics and thoughts were bouncing everywhere with no real connection besides me feeling unsettled and overwhelmed. Craig suffered through the onslaught of my concerns, stresses and repeated exclamations of being so very bone-weary tired.

Elton John's bass player in concert

The short drive to the concert was filled with more logistical talking about how we were going to get X, Y and Z done with out dropping A and B. We arrived 30 minutes early to full parking lots and long lines waiting for security.  I could feel the stress, worries and exhaustion slide away as we waited to enter the events center. The excitement was palpable.

Elton John's guitarist in concert

From the moment Elton John and his band took the stage, there was only that. I was the person who loves concerts, is moved by music and appreciates talent and effort. I wasn’t the cook, chauffeur, maid, secretary. I was a woman with her husband and friends experiencing a legend. It was the amazing, memorable experience I needed exactly when it was needed. For the first time in weeks, I allowed myself to just be. I wasn’t thinking about basketball practices or piles of laundry or work left unfinished. Elton John doing what he does unbelievably well was all there was for me. Our seats were close to the stage. Elton John has a way of addressing the crowd that made me feel like he was excited to be in Wyoming playing for me. It seemed there was no better place to be than right there on that stage. He is amazing.

Elton John walking across a stage

Elton John concert Casper, Wyoming

I didn’t crawl out of bed this morning already thinking about the numerous tasks needing to be completed today. I didn’t have the urge to check my email as soon as my early morning workout was complete. I eased into my day which is a gift. Thank you to a husband who enters contests and an amazing group of entertainers for reminding me that motherhood doesn’t mean I have to lose myself in the process. Here’s to more moments of allowing life to happen.

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