27 Mar
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Joy in a Staycation

My preference is to leave town whenever possible. I like to explore and discover new places. We’re on a staycation this spring break, and I was dreading it. I longed to spend our five school-free weekdays somewhere other than here. We’re stockpiling vacation days for an upcoming summer road trip, so home is where we are for the week.

Teen flying a kite - joy in a staycation

Technically we have small getaways planned for the weekends buffering spring break week and a small excursion mid-week. We’re only partially on a staycation, but it’s the most staying we’ve done in a few years. Day one is winding down, and, surprisingly, I’m grateful for being home. We’ve been dealing with some heavy emotions and busy schedules lately. Home is what we needed, even if I wasn’t on-board with the idea a few weeks ago.

I had four sleepyheads this morning and drank my coffee leisurely without setting it down and forgetting it. I have more time-consuming meals planned to reacquaint myself with my kitchen and rediscover the joy of cooking. We spent 90 minutes flying kites on an open soccer field this morning followed by a walk along the river. That was over two hours of completely uninterrupted time with just my kids. I covet and appreciate that time more with each passing year. There was no anticipating where we were headed next. We just enjoyed the day with no agenda.

Boy running with kite - joy in a staycation

This evening is the most calm I’ve felt in weeks. I have no suitcases to dig through or restaurants to find. I haven’t looked at one map or explored one visitor center. There’s no amusement park rides or beaches. Those vacation things that fill my love tank aren’t part of this week. I thought I’d spend the week thinking about the places I could be — Saguaro National Park is on the short list, but I’m settling into the summer vibe of enjoying my family.

I may wade through social media posts of vacation adventures others are enjoying. There might be new places to add to my travel list because of someone else’s travels. I don’t miss the traveling the way I thought I would. Our staycation is familiarizing me with the art of slowing down, and home was just what I needed.


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