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25 May
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Five Favorite Family Vacation Destinations

My list of places to vacation is extensive while the allotted vacation days are finite. I like picking the brains of fellow travelers for tips on destinations we have planned and will talk your ear off if you venture to ask for ideas of places to visit. This is the time of year I’m asked quite often for vacation ideas. Most of my suggestions are for outdoor lovers and those who don’t have a fortune to spend on vacation. We’ve traveled to several large U.S. cities, with three major cities in the near future, but I prefer climbing mountains, hiking trails and glorious natural vistas.San Juan Island view

  1. San Juan Island — This is my go-to suggestion from the list of places we’ve visited. Not only would I travel back to San Juan Island, off the coast of Washington state, I would love to own property there. There are several beaches to choose from on the island as well as a lavender farm, San Juan Island National Historical Park and Lime Kiln State Park. The highlight for our trip was watching Orcas just off the shore during a visit to Lime Kiln. We’ve encountered a wide range of wildlife in our adventures and watching those majestic animals tops my list. Our kids were amazed by taking our vehicle to the island by ferry, and the views from the island cannot be and four kids in Peekaboo Canyon Utah
  2. Utah — I know this a pretty vague suggestion, but the state is home to several of our most loved destinations. You can’t go wrong with a trip to the Beehive state. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve visited our neighbor. My #1 suggestion is Capitol Reef National Park. It’s tucked away from busy roads and offers fantastic hiking with fewer people than the rest of the national parks in Utah. Canyonlands National Park is another favorite location as well as Natural Bridges National Monument  which has the distinction of being the only place with a hike that nearly brought on a panic attack. Adventurers will be equally impressed by visiting Arches, Zion or Bryce Canyon. All three parks offer unbelievable vistas and unique hiking experiences. They’re also busy and crowded when the weather is nice. Crowds of people are not my thing. If hiking is a favorite pastime, find yourself a slot canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. I would move to that area for the opportunity to explore more slot canyons. children sitting on the Ledge at Willis Tower Chicago
  3. Chicago — There’s actually a city on my list. We visited Chicago when our youngest was only nine months old and still recommend it to families. If we could do it with four children under the age of 7, so can you. That trip also featured three cases of pink eye, and I still label it as a favorite vacation. The museums in Chicago are top-notch. Our boys frequently reminisce about standing on the Ledge of Willis Tower, 1,353 feet above the streets of Chicago. I talk about it too but as proof that we can do hard things for the love of adventure and our kids. I did not want to walk on that ledge, and you can tell from the photos. My stomach turns even now when I see photos of our children on the Ledge. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is my most-adored U.S. museum and home to my favorite exhibit, touring the U-505 submarine. Lake Michigan is the beach without salt and sharks. We’re huge fans of the Great Lakes. I hope to convince my husband to visit Chicago again, sans children.inside a cavern at Mammoth Cave National Park
  4. Caves — We’ve explored large cave systems in several regions of the United States. I have my favorite, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, in New Mexico , but Wind Cave National Park and Jewel Cave National Monument in South Dakota and Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky are equally impressive in their own ways. My two least favorite things are heights and tight places. The desire to give my children a wide range of experiences means I do uncomfortable things like walk on glasses ledges in crazy tall buildings and shimmy through places inside the Earth with tons of rock over my head. They have no idea how much trepidation I’ve overcome on vacations while they seemingly have no fear. Carlsbad Caverns is my top choice of cave destination for two reasons: the large natural entrance into the cave and watching the bats leave the cave at sunset. The ranger led bat program is one of my top-10 cherished experiences at a National Park Service entity. We’ve been to almost 100 NPS locations so making my top-10 is not too shabby a feat.two children hiking in Craters of the Moon
  5. Craters of the Moon National Monument — Located in Idaho, the land here is surreal. The monument is home to acres of ancient lava flow. The black, harsh color and texture of the land is in stark contrast to the bordering non-lava flow littered landscape. It’s a strange and curious land begging visitors to discover more about what factors created the area. There are also lava tube caves here. For someone who claims to be claustrophobic, I’ve been underground quite a bit. Arizona has Sunset Crater Monument that is a smaller version of Craters of the Moon. If you’re visiting iconic Grand Canyon, stop by Sunset Crater.

Our children have seven days remaining in this school year. I’ve completely checked out (sorry teachers). I want to pack our suitcases and hit the road for new adventures. Where will summer travels take you?

No Ugly Crying for Me
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No Ugly Crying for Me

Warning: I’ve become a spontaneous crier. In fairness to myself, I’ve always been a crier, but lately, my tears seemingly flow on a daily basis. I can’t keep them at bay and really have stopped trying. I’ve promised our children I’ll stop myself before I’m at the ugly cry level, but that’s as much as I can pinkie swear about. Thankfully, the tears are happy(ish) for the most part. We’re finishing up another school year, my ninth as a mom,... [Read More]

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How to Not Take a Compliment

It seems I have at least one child who hasn’t a clue on how to take a compliment. I was surrounded by 6th graders at a presentation and heard eight different children qualify compliments they were given. A simple, “You’re painting was lovely,” was met with “Thanks, but it’s trash.” Or “I didn’t work hard enough.” Or “There are better ones.” Not one of the eight children replied with a simple thank you. Even my son replied back to a... [Read More]

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Big Push to Finish School Year
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Big Push to Finish School Year

The month of May is one of my favorite and least favorite months. Summer is right around the corner and the weather is improving. There are 22 days of school remaining and 50 days until we enjoy another much-anticipated epic vacation. But May is also the month when everyone has everything on every day…all month long. It’s inevitable with four children that our evenings will be full of recitals, concerts, track meets and practices. It’s never one thing at a... [Read More]

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