4 May
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Big Push to Finish School Year

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The month of May is one of my favorite and least favorite months. Summer is right around the corner and the weather is improving. There are 22 days of school remaining and 50 days until we enjoy another much-anticipated epic vacation. But May is also the month when everyone has everything on every day…all month long.

It’s inevitable with four children that our evenings will be full of recitals, concerts, track meets and practices. It’s never one thing at a time. It’s always multiple. The end of the year is a whirlwind of field trips and celebrating achievements. Stress levels run high as parents attempt to finagle schedules so that everyone receives the attention they deserve.

We’re all in the same boat mamas and teachers. I grow weary of the conversations where people try to “win” at the busy game. I don’t want to play. If someone else wants to be the busiest of us all, so be it. Realize that all of us parents have a lot going on this time of the school year, and it exponentially grows with each child in a family. Let’s attempt to support each other in the crazy and allow for people to choose the yes that’s best for them — free of pressure.

Much like the beginning of the year, teachers, parents and students alike are in this together. We’re all eager to wrap up the school year, and we’re all running out of steam. Time to bolster one another and offer grace where needed.

I’m only mildly aware of what is happening at school for our two boys in middle school. I’ve attempted to drag information out of them, falling just short of a spotlight and interrogation room. Teachers, don’t be surprised that I’m semi-clueless as to what’s going on. If information is solely expected to come from my teens, I’m most likely missing it. On the elementary school level, I’m fully informed by teachers and our youngest two, yet I still find myself asking what time something is or what is supposed to be worn. I have a folder on my phone specifically for photos of all the permission slips I’ve signed to keep track of who needs a lunch packed and who has one provided and what time who is leaving for what when.

I see myself in the faces of other moms at pickup time or concerts. I see the discrete checking of the time because they probably have something else they need to attend. I know the feeling of hearing something you feel you should have known about and feeling you’re out of the proverbial loop. I know how exasperated one can be at the end of a long day of work and activities. We’re in this together with one final push to the last day.

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