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17 Oct
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For the Love of Everything, Put Down Your Phone

Friends who drive, I need a favor. Put your phone down while you’re driving.

I know it’s tempting to check email real quick at a stop light or respond to a text. I know the nagging feeling once you get a notification. You’ll just sneak a quick peak. It’ll only take a few seconds.

I need other drivers to help me in teaching our son. As parents, drivers, and members of law enforcement, we can talk all we want about the perils of mobile phones and driving. Our talking means nothing if what those young drivers see is mom and dad checking their phones while behind the wheel.

Let’s take a step back and remember what we’re doing when we’re driving. We’re operating a motor vehicle. We’re attempting to get from point A to point B. We all want to arrive safely at our final destination. I sit at stoplights and count the number of drivers on their phones while they’re driving. It’s ridiculous the number of people who are distracted. Next time you’re stopped, take a look at who is distracted around you. For most of my life, I left my house for hours at a time with no way to contact me. Guess what? It was fine. I managed for decades to not be connected at all hours, so I think I can make it across town without touching my phone.

teenage boy driving red truck

Our oldest is a new driver. He’s exhilarated to have that driving permit in his wallet. Every time he’s behind the wheel is another learning experience. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most dangerous thing I allow my son to do is, not playing football like I’ve been repeatedly warned by well-meaning friends, but operating a motor vehicle. Accidental injury is the leading killer of teens in the United States and 75% of the injuries are sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

It’s in our best interest, as adults, to teach our teens to be good drivers. We teach them to follow the laws of the road and how to operate a vehicle. In our house I preach about mobile phone usage and when and where are appropriate times to be using a phone. A moving vehicle you are operating is not the place to be using a mobile phone. Period. Our teen is always watching drivers now that he’s counted among them. He notices infractions like failure to use a blinker, speeding, running a red light and who is distracted by a phone. Let’s educate our teens on driver safety, not just by telling them what to do, but by showing them.


Out of the Busy Race
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Out of the Busy Race

I’ve officially dropped out of the race for most busy mother. Someone else can take the title. There are people in my vast circle who bring out the worst in me. You have them too. They want you to see all the balls they’re juggling at any given time. They are constantly on their phones. They want you to know what they’ve had to do without any help from anyone. I’ll find myself spouting off my own to-do list and... [Read More]

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Take a Trip: Boston
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Take a Trip: Boston

Go visit Boston, sooner rather than later. Trust me on this one. We’ve visited an array of U.S. cities…Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Chicago, Savannah, and Louisville to mention a few. None of the American metropolises have won my heart quite like Boston. She’s unique. We visited Boston this summer as part of our epic road trip to the East Coast. Cities are not my favorite vacation destinations. I prefer mountain tops and beaches to sidewalks and buildings.... [Read More]

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