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26 Sep
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Act with Abandon

Trees lining the Platte River in Wyoming

If I was an animal, I would dig a hole and hide in it when things were too much. The person that I am copes by huddling my family closer in this home we’ve made together. I want to close the curtains, disconnect the WiFi and pretend it’s just us. Really I’m not coping, just hiding. Eventually I have to come out and actually deal with the world.

Life has been heavy the last few weeks. We have too many friends grieving the loss of a parent, four within two weeks. We have friends dealing with illness, doctors, hospitals and unanswerable questions. There’s depression and marriage crisis. There’s surgery and car accidents. Then there are national and international problems and heartache. Our children have difficult questions. Why this? Why that? Why any? Why all?

I hurt for my friends. I hurt for my country. I hurt for our world. I want to stay in bed with the covers firmly over my head. I was weepy this morning getting kids ready for school, lost in my thoughts as I dished out bowls of oatmeal. My fourth grader climbed off his stool, gave me a hug and went back to his breakfast. No words. Just that simple act.

I’ll take after that sweet little boy moving forward. One small act at a time. I won’t sit here at my computer telling you to cherish each minute. There are plenty of minutes I’m happy to forget. I won’t remind you how fast it all goes. You’ve heard it.

Instead, let’s make a deal to reach out to each other more. I want to limit the times I wish I would have or could have or should have done something or said something. Send that text. Give that hug. Tell that story. Show up with coffee or cookies. Give that compliment. Reserve your judgement. Include that person you’ve thought about for days, weeks and months. Instead of saying I’ve been meaning to, take the time to do whatever “it” is. Give your time. Give your talents. Hold a hand. Read just one more story to that little one in your lap. Say no to one thing to give a better yes to something else. Love with abandon.

Small Acts of Kindness, Big Effects
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Small Acts of Kindness, Big Effects

I rarely ask for help with the logistics of running a family. We have no grandparents to give us a hand, so all chauffeuring and encouragement at activities falls fully on Craig’s and my shoulders. It’s exhausting and rewarding and really exhausting to be the only ones who are there to watch the kids succeed and, sometimes, struggle in their various activities. Sharing the load makes for less stress and frees room for more enjoyment. I’m looking forward to having... [Read More]

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