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16 Apr
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Forced into Spring Cleaning

If there’s an upside to having a sick family, it’s being forced to clean house. Walls have been wiped, bedding stripped, pillows washed and furniture disinfected. My sick family gave me reason to start spring cleaning.

I actually don’t mind cleaning, so purposefully setting time aside for spring cleaning fits my personality. I find the act of taking care of what’s mine to be rewarding.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning out closets and drawers gives me a natural high. Getting rid of clutter helps to free my mind. I wasn’t always like this. I’ve worked over the last decade to be less attached to stuff. I’m a recovering sentimental hoarder. I’ve learned to decide what truly matters to me instead of being held hostage by the guilt of not keeping every piece of artwork my children ever created. I’m happier now with a less-is-more outlook for my house. This, obviously, doesn’t apply to our LEGO collection. Our motto: one can never have too much LEGO. We may require an intervention.

LEGO models on display

I’m not entirely systematic with my approach to spring cleaning. I have a list of must-dos. I attempt to do my deep cleaning one room at a time. I’ve also been known to drop everything when the cleaning bug hits. Cleaning, while I don’t mind it, is one of those things I either feel like doing or I run from it.

Inevitably in the course of spring cleaning I find things I had forgotten about. I had intended to use those red lentils in the back of the cupboard for soup but lost them in the black hole that is my pantry. I actually look forward to wiping down and organizing cabinets and shelves and relocating decorations from one area of the house to another. Spring cleaning is a symbolic shift for me from the regiment of the school year to the free-flowing days of summer.

Do you have a system for spring cleaning?


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