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31 Mar
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Broken Dryer and a Clothesline

line of tshirts drying on clothesline

Laundry is one of my least favorite household chores. It’s never-ending, multiplied by six. It turns out, laundry without a functioning dryer is flat-out ridiculous.

My dryer decided to quit blowing hot air Sunday in the middle of a giant load of jeans with another large load of clothes in the washing machine. I know there are far worse problems to have, but I was annoyed.

A call Monday morning to a repair man ended with an appointment on Wednesday to have the dryer inspected leaving me with loads of wet clothes and hampers full of dirty laundry. I regret turning a blind eye to the laundry situation in the house a few days earlier.

I channeled my grandmother and strung a rope across the deck in the backyard to air dry the wet clothes. I scrounged in drawers for clothespins which I use to hang school art work on a wire in the basement. The clothesline wasn’t quite long enough and a few pieces of clothing hung from the basketball hoop.

bowl of clothespins

Our children are on spring break and one would have thought I had given them quite the treat. The boys talked about life on the prairie. I had more help than needed. Someone was on the deck checking the laundry constantly. They bickered about who could do the clothespins and carry in the dry clothes.

A gentle breeze had the clothes flapping. Our 8-year-old begged me to take photos of the first load drying on the line. He claimed it made the house feel homier. He was also caught sniffing the dry clothes because they smelled just like mountains.

The kids persuaded me to wash more clothes just so we could keep using the clothesline. They’ve asked for sheets to be washed and dried on the line. The failing of the dryer, while inconvenient and annoying for me, was an opportunity to talk with the kids about what to do when modern conveniences fail. We slowed down and enjoyed a healthy dose of perspective.

The loss of a dryer, which I assumed would make my workload more difficult, actually engaged the kids into helping with the task at hand. It might be the only time I’ve deemed laundry fun.

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