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29 Sep
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Being More Brave Than Mom

Full view of Rushmore Tramway Adventures Aerial Park

I watched our oldest son carefully listen to the directions as he nervously played with the harness he was wearing. He had chosen an aerial obstacle course to celebrate turning 12 years old, and this past weekend we ran from our over-scheduled lives to Keystone, South Dakota to let him give it a try. He was minutes away from climbing above the earth and into the trees above our heads.

Stepping across an aerial bridge at Rushmore Tramway Adventures

I could tell he was a little nervous. His only question was how the harness and clips worked and how they would keep him safe. I listened to the directions and was trying to not become agitated. There was A LOT to remember. Place this there, then this there. Make sure your hand is here, not here.

Silhouetted in the trees of an aerial obstacle course

Five minutes later we were trudging up the hill to the start of the course. B was quiet, the way he gets when overcome by nerves, but he didn’t hesitate. He picked his course and climbed right up. Once he convinced a family to let him go in front of them, he cruised right along. He never wavered. Not once did I feel like he wanted down.

Walking on a plank at an aerial obstacle course

He’s so very different than his mama. New things may make him nervous, but the unknown has never stopped him from doing anything. He jumps right into the abyss of newness. I pace at the shore, not wanting to commit to anything new. The uncertainties hold me back. My cautious nature has eased in my 12 years of parenting. Watching our oldest has taught me how to be more brave, how to not stand on the shore and be afraid of what may never happen.

Close-up on a zipline

I watched B climb ever higher in the trees and my heart soared. I love that he decides he wants to try something, and he just does it. Go ahead and tell him he can’t. He’ll prove he can. He’s done it time and time again.  Even when he ran into a snafu during one section on one of the courses, he never cried for help or cowered. He problem-solved his way out, with a little help from an employee. I pray he holds on to that tenacity and bravery. It will continue to serve him well.


Museum Over Arcade
By     |    Jun 25, 2014
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Museum Over Arcade

We found ourselves at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Sunday morning, and it was completely our children’s choice. We were in the Denver area for the weekend with no plans for Sunday before heading back to Wyoming. Sitting in the hotel room after breakfast, we let the kiddos decide what we would do that day. They’ve been to Denver multiple times and know what the metro area contains. After throwing around various arcade-type options, they collectively decided on... [Read More]

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Setting an Example for Work Ethic
By     |    Jun 6, 2014
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Setting an Example for Work Ethic

I tend to cannonball right into summer. We’re active, often not at home, and free-spirited with our time. Shortly after summer begins, I realize our home is being neglected. Yes, fun is needed. Of course memory making is important, but weeds also need pulled. Food needs bought and eventually we’ll run out of clean clothes if laundry isn’t washed and dried. Yesterday was a work day at our house, the first real one of the summer. There were groceries to... [Read More]

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DIY: Disney Frozen Elsa Dress
By     |    Mar 25, 2014
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DIY: Disney Frozen Elsa Dress

We’ve seemingly reached our saturation level as a country for all things Disney Frozen. The release of the DVD and Blu-ray last week had little girls squealing with delight. Our house was not immune. My status post on Facebook last Tuesday was not original. We had bought the movie first thing that morning, and we watched it when we arrived home. We’ve also watched it two other times this past week. My daughter would play Frozen on a continual loop... [Read More]

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DIY LEGO Advent Calendar
By     |    Nov 16, 2013
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DIY LEGO Advent Calendar

We’ve bought LEGO advent calendars in the past, which our children enjoyed. The problem is the expense of the calendars. Spending $30-$40 on an advent calendar isn’t normally in the budget. Last year, I decided to make our own LEGO advent calendar. The kids loved the idea, so I made another one this year. I began searching store advertisements the last couple of weeks looking for a LEGO set with 200-250 pieces and cost around $15-$18. Last week, I found the perfect set.... [Read More]

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