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20 May
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DIY: Hobbit Birthday Party

Hobbit Birthday Party - Phrase on a Chalkbaord

“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien is our first grader’s favorite book. I read it to him and our third grader before the first movie hit the big screen. C can tell you what’s accurate in the movie and what’s added for extra drama. He can quote the book and does a creepy Gollum impersonation.

It seemed natural to have a Hobbit-themed party for his 7th birthday, but he hemmed and hawed about the theme he wanted. Fairly close to the big day, he finally decided to go with a Hobbit theme. I’m so glad he did, and he claimed it was the best party in the history of birthday parties. That’s pretty big praise.

Hobbit Birthday Party Invitation

Our youngest boys helped make the Hobbit door-shaped invites. I traced two different-sized bowls to get the circles using brown and green paper. There’s even a blue “F” on the bottom right side of the door as a nod to Gandalf. The green circle was attached using a gold brad for the doorknob. The party information was printed on basic copy paper and glued to the back of the invite.

Hobbit Birthday Cake

I used the LEGO The Hobbit: An Unexpected Gathering set to decorate the cake. The cake was a sheet cake frosted with white frosting and edged in dark green frosting. I colored my own sugar green and used cookie crumbs to decorate the white frosting around the shire. I also added small chocolate candy rocks as decoration.

Close-up of Hobbit Birthday Cake detail

My husband and kiddos gathered sticks at a local state park to use for walking sticks. Each child picked a stick and then decorated it using duct tape, ribbon and yarn. There was audible groaning when I told the kids we had to move to the next activity. I truly believe they would have decorated their sticks for the entire 90-minute party. This may be my rainy day go-to activity this summer.

Hobbit Birthday Party Decorated Walking Sticks

My husband crafted a replica of Bilbo Baggins’ sword, Sting, using wood covered in cardboard and duct tape. The sword may be the birthday boy’s favorite part of the party. We used the sword propped in a jar as a ring toss. The rings were glow-in-the-dark necklaces.

Hobbit Birthday Party Ring Toss Game

We used LEGO dragons and Playmobil dragons we own as targets for the “Get Smaug” game. We attempted to shoot the dragons off a table with a marshmallow crossbow shooter, but the marshmallows kept getting stuck. It’s a good thing three boys live in our house. We switched to rubber band guns to hit the dragons and didn’t have anymore weapon malfunctions.

Hobbit Birthday Party LEGO Minifigure and Smaug Decorations

I utilized quite a few LEGO minifigures from various Hobbit and Lord of the Rings sets our boys own to decorate. We used a black LEGO dragon sitting on a pile of gold bead necklaces and gold coins as the centerpiece of the dining room table. The dragon was surrounded on two sides by LEGO minifigures. The birthday boy wanted the dragon and treasure pile to remain on the table for the summer. It would make quite the statement to our guests, but I pulled Mom rank. The dragon has been replaced by a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Hobbit Birthday Party LEGO Minifigure Decorations

At the start of every birthday party I’ve ever thrown, I’ve always been nervous and felt unprepared. I fear there isn’t enough planned or what is planned is boring, or no kids will come or too many kids will come. None of those things has ever happened. Almost every party we’ve had has been met with exclamations of THAT one being the best. It’s hard to believe that Saturday marked the 7th birthday party I’ve thrown for our third son. Wherever did the time go?


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