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7 May
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DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

This week is set aside to celebrate teachers. My children are blessed by the amazing, loving, dedicated teachers in their lives. A simple teacher appreciation gift to say thank you seems inadequate for how grateful I am. Our nearest family lives two hours away, and we rarely see them. There are teachers and other staff at the boys’ elementary school who are part of our family. I’m grateful we found a place that not only educates and grows my children but makes them feel loved and accepted. I appreciate the many voids the teachers in our lives fill.

Nuts About Teachers - Appreciation Gift

The schedule at school during May is anything but normal, so we decided the best day to bring a teacher appreciation gift was Wednesday. Our Parent/Teacher Organization provided lunch, including multiple desserts, on Wednesday. I wanted to give the teachers something consumable that the kids and I could do together without stretching the budget. The boys wanted to make treats for music, band and art teachers as well as their core teachers. My daughter added her dance teacher in with her preschool teachers. I had to draw a line eventually at where we stopped with treats. They would have made 55 teacher appreciation gifts, ceasing to make it budget-friendly. I settled on pre-packaged trail mix snacks with a note that said “I’m NUTS about teachers!” The note isn’t anything fancy. I used Microsoft Publisher to type it and printed it on standard, white copy paper. The note is glued onto a card stock from my ridiculous paper collection. I chose to use packing tape to attach the finished note to the trail mix snacks. The kids helped assemble the treats in a haphazard assembly line.

Nuts About Teachers - Appreciation Gift

Another member of the PTO and I put together a simple water bottle craft for the teachers to go with their lunch. We purchased water bottles and individual water flavor mixes from Sam’s Club which made the project affordable. The tag reads, “Thank you for ‘quenching’ our kids thirst for knowledge.” I enjoy craft projects, but I know they’re not for everyone. I believe simple spoken words of appreciation or a short note to a teacher would be just as welcomed as Pinterest crafts.

Water Bottle Teacher Appreciation Gift

DIY: Disney Frozen Elsa Dress
By     |    Mar 25, 2014
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DIY: Disney Frozen Elsa Dress

We’ve seemingly reached our saturation level as a country for all things Disney Frozen. The release of the DVD and Blu-ray last week had little girls squealing with delight. Our house was not immune. My status post on Facebook last Tuesday was not original. We had bought the movie first thing that morning, and we watched it when we arrived home. We’ve also watched it two other times this past week. My daughter would play Frozen on a continual loop... [Read More]

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