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17 Mar
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St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Mischief

I’m a sucker for fairy tales, unicorns and magic. The wave of a wand, pixie dust and true love’s kiss were the root of my dreams as a little girl. Daily life  can be harsh, unforgiving and difficult to navigate. I try to fill childhood at our house with a little bit of magic and wonder.

Our house has hosted a wee mischievous leprechaun for quite a few years. She makes an appearance while we sleep March 16. There’s always some new trick or treat waiting for the kids when they wake March 17.

Years ago our leprechaun had more ideas than needed to make the kids smile. She had to limit what she did, pace herself. It’s becoming more difficult to be creative. Poor leprechaun. This year she had an idea and brought in a helper leprechaun to make it a reality. It seems leprechauns get tired too and also know when to delegate.

Each year the leprechaun leaves a taunting message for the kids, “Can’t catch me.” Some years she brings treats and always breakfast consists of Lucky Charms. Yes, I know cereal, and specifically, cereal with dehydrated marshmallows, isn’t good for anyone. Once a year we look the other way, and the kids delight in the indulgence of processed sugary cereal. I don’t think they’d ever forgive me if I stopped this tradition, both the leprechaun mischief and cereal, and killed the magic.

Some of our favorite antics:

zip lining LEGO minifigure

This morning’s LEGO minifigures zip lining through the dining room has become the favorite St. Patrick’s Day surprise. The younger boys played with the four zip lining minifigs before heading to school and made me promise to leave them alone. I can’t count the number of times I’ve almost clotheslined myself walking across the room.

rainbow and cloud made from LEGOs

Anything with LEGOs is bound to be a hit in our house. This LEGO rainbow was easy for the leprechaun to create and had lasting impact with the kids.

water bottles filled with green water

There are countless ways to fit green in with food. I’m not big on artificial dyes but again stretch our food rules for St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve also done all sorts of green food for meals on March 17. The boys brought there lunch to school today and will find shamrock-shaped sandwiches made from spinach tortillas. We’ll dine on shepherd’s pie and Irish soda bread tonight because I can’t get my husband to like corned beef and cabbage.

spilled box of Lucky Charms

One year the leprechaun made herself a bowl of Lucky Charms and didn’t even bother to clean up her mess. All was forgiven because she left rainbow-colored licorice and Rolos.

leprechaun footprints on plywood floor

A few years ago, we remodeled our kitchen/dining room/living room area. Over St. Patrick’s Day that year our floors in that part of the house were plywood. The leprechaun took advantage of it and walked all over everything. Most versions of this I’ve seen with green bare feet prints. Our leprechaun would prefer not walking bare feet in someone else’s home.

yarn maze covering a living room floor

The most time-consuming leprechaun trick was the yarn maze through our living room. It took a long time to implement. Little people required it kept up for a long time, and it took a long time to dismantle. The leprechaun knows this needs to be recreated on a grander scale one of these years, but the thought makes her tired. Maybe she’ll have her assistant do it next year.

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