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13 May
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May Madness

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The month of May is when I’m in high-mama gear. Four school-aged children means that on any given weekday from now until the last day of school, someone has a field trip or track or junior Olympics or an assembly or a concert. Some days it’s multiple children requesting a parent make an appearance.

If field tripper was a profession, that would be my career in May. The build-up to the end of the school year starts at the beginning of May and by the last day has become an unstoppable boulder careening down a hill. The pace picks up with more to remember and days bleed together. Chaos is my jam. I thrive this time of year, even if I look frazzled during it.

It’s good stuff. We’re wrapping up another year of learning and growth. Chaperoning field trips is one of my favorite parenting activities. I enjoy getting to know the adults who spend their days teaching my children. I’m a researcher on field trips gathering information about the people I’m raising. I enjoy listening to their conversations and seeing them interact with their peers. I don’t need to be glued to their sides on trips. It’s enough for me to be part of their day.

We have 17 days left this school year, and I may cross that finish line coasting on fumes. Our kindergartner made a strong case this week for the sandwich in her lunch being an Oreo because it’s a cookie sandwich. I contemplated allowing it because I have no energy to argue. Only when the other kids chimed in that they also wanted Oreo sandwiches did I muster enough parenting power to say no. At least put some ham and cheese between two slices of bread. We still need standards.  Hundreds of sack lunches have come out of our kitchen this year.  It takes minutes to put together lunches in September, but by May, I swear the process drags on for an hour.

Signing anything makes me bitter and slightly confrontational. I know permission slips and reading logs are important, but I do wish the kids could forge my signature and give me a heads up they did it. A forest of paperwork has moved across my kitchen island. I’m looking forward to a reprieve from reading and signing anything.

I feel the need to apologize to teachers. I do keep the paperwork with details on graduation and field trips and concert apparel. I’ve even been known to take photos of paperwork to keep on my phone to ensure I have all the information required for every activity. Still, teachers, I will see you at school and ask you what that paper had on it. I don’t want to find it on my phone or in the accordion folder I keep for all the papers. My parenting slips to lazy mode in May. Please don’t take my asking as not receiving or reading the note sent home. I can’t keep anything straight in my head, who needs lunch on what day, who needs closed-toe shoes or what time the bus is expected at school. Humor me.

I can see the recharging days of summer from this point in May. We’re almost there for a quick breath before gearing up for another school year.

Disneyland Character Autograph Book
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Disneyland Character Autograph Book

One of my favorite photography projects is the Disneyland autograph book I made after our second trip to Disneyland in March of 2012. The first time we went to Disneyland in 2008, our boys weren’t interested in getting close enough to the characters. If they did get close enough for a photograph, they weren’t interested in sticking around long enough to get autographs. On the second trip, our children were 9, 7, 4, and 2. In addition to the main... [Read More]

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