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25 Mar
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DIY: Disney Frozen Elsa Dress

We’ve seemingly reached our saturation level as a country for all things Disney Frozen. The release of the DVD and Blu-ray last week had little girls squealing with delight.

Our house was not immune. My status post on Facebook last Tuesday was not original. We had bought the movie first thing that morning, and we watched it when we arrived home. We’ve also watched it two other times this past week. My daughter would play Frozen on a continual loop if her mother wasn’t so anti-screen time inclined.

Disney Frozen Elsa dress

I know so many mamas that are over the Frozen talk and the music. I’m not one of them. I love dancing around the house, singing the songs with my little one. I turn up the volume when I hear the beginning notes of “Let it Go” instead of changing the song. I’ve always adored musicals, and Frozen reminds me of the Disney animated movies of my own childhood….Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. That music still makes me happy. Frozen will be that memory for my daughter.

Materials for DIY Disney Frozen Elsa dress

We watched Frozen at the theater when it was first released, and my daughter was smitten from the beginning. She begged for a Queen Elsa dress. I scoured store aisles and websites but couldn’t find anything reasonably priced. I have basic sewing skills but had never tackled any clothing. After weeks of hoping for the right Frozen Elsa dress to magically appear in the Target aisle, I caved and hit the fabric store. I bought 1/2 yard each of a crushed velvet, lightweight material and a sheer material dotted with white spots and sparkles. I had thread at home. I spent $8, far less than the $75 dress our daughter wanted.

Tailoring the DIY Disney Frozen Elsa dress

I knew a complicated pattern for my first clothing item was only going to cause me stress. I tend to sew like I cook, by not following directions. I decided to take a long-sleeve, white t-shirt, which we already owned, and sew a skirt to the bottom. Step-by-step procedures are not my strong point. I’m hoping I can make the idea clear. I wanted the dress to be empire-waist. I measured around my daughter’s chest, added two inches, and cut the turquoise fabric to size. I pinned the fabric around the shirt, overlapping the sides in the back of the shirt so my daughter’s backside was covered. I sewed the fabric on with a basic straight stitch.

Side-view of DIY Disney Frozen Queen Elsa dress

I measured the sheer fabric, so it would wrap from hip-to-hip without covering the front of the dress. I wanted the sheer fabric to be longer in the back like Elsa’s dress in Frozen. I then pinned and sewed the sheer fabric on top of the velvety material. I wanted to add weight to the sheer material, so I wrapped the edges in shiny, silver duct tape. I finished the dress with three shiny buttons sewed to the front of the shirt.

View from behind of the DIY Disney Frozen Elsa dress

The dress took 45 minutes to make. I would rank it as easy for someone with basic knowledge of sewing. Once I had a vision in my head, it was easy to piecemeal the dress. My 4-year-old wears this dress quite often.  It quenched her desire to emulate Elsa and has kept Frozen in the forefront of her imagination.

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