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14 Jun
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Travel Wyoming, Collect Free Stickers

Wyoming tourism collector stickers

I had a sweet sticker book when I was in elementary school. I collected stickers and carefully placed them in the book, sort of like a sports card collection, but with smelly and puffy stickers. Three summers ago, when we realized the Wyoming Office of Tourism had a free souvenir sticker program available to travelers, I knew we’d have to collect them all.

The stickers have a vintage look with muted earth-tone colors and artwork themed for an area in Wyoming or an activity within the state. This year there are fewer sticker designs available than in previous years, but there are three jumbo-sized stickers available to commemorate the centennial of the National Park Service. The commemorative stickers have artwork for Devils Tower National Monument, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Wyoming commemorative sitckers for National Park Service

There are 23 distribution locations around the state including welcome centers near the state border and various chamber of commerce sites. Different stickers are available at different sites. Stickers specific to a town are only available at that town’s distribution site. People traveling through Wyoming can stop at one of the locations, ask for a map with all the distribution spots and any available stickers they may have.

Wyoming tourism sticker distribution map

We have quite the collection from the previous two summers and have already collected several new stickers since Memorial Day weekend. We all are ridiculously excited each time we add a new sticker to the collection. We’ve been thwarted in Green River a couple times in our efforts to get a sticker there because the visitor center is closed on weekends. We stopped at one visitor center that was out of the sticker we needed. The helpful person took our name and sent us one when they were back in stock. That special mail delivery made four Wyoming children very happy.

If you’re visiting Wyoming from out-of-state, the stickers make for a perfect souvenir for your trip through the Equality State. They’re free and easy to store while traveling. If you’re from Wyoming, the stickers are the perfect way to show Wyoming pride. We’ve put stickers on water bottles and instrument cases as well as displaying them at home and giving them to house guests visiting Wyoming. Find yourself a distribution center and start collecting as your summer travels take you around Wyoming.

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