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26 Oct
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DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Siblings dressed as Clark Kent, Cinderella, Elliott from ET and a Viking for Halloween costumes

I watch our 12-year-old straddle the line between childhood and being a teenager on a daily basis. He struggles with wanting to spend hours in the basement building LEGOs with his younger brothers and crawling onto the couch with headphones and listening to music. I wasn’t surprised when he said he was too old to don a costume for Halloween. I was disappointed to see that door close, but had a feeling it was coming. I reminded him he could always change his mind. This week he did just that.

Our downtown hosts a trick or treating event the Saturday before Halloween each year. It’s one of our favorite traditions and not taking part was too much for our oldest. I pretended it didn’t matter to me whether he chose to wear a costume this year, but inside I was overjoyed. I feel our kids are pushed to grow up faster and faster with more responsibilities and commitments at earlier ages. I hope my kids cling to their childhoods for as long as possible. I still wear a costume for Halloween, and I’m much older than 12.

Boy dressed as Clark Kent for Halloween costume

Each year we attempt to make Halloween costumes by pilfering closets, craft bins and the random containers of dress-up clothes we’ve accumulated over the years. This year was no different. B chose the tween-friendly costume choice of Clark Kent. It’s a fitting choice for someone striving to find who he’s comfortable being.

Boy dressed as Elliott from E.T. for Halloween costume

Admittedly, our 4th-grader’s costume was my idea. My concept was spurred by his beloved red hoodie sweatshirt. I knew he’d agree to anything that included that sweatshirt. I, randomly, have a stuffed E.T. doll from my childhood tucked in a hope chest. That doll, combined with the red hoodie, were perfect for Elliott from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Don’t tell the other three kids, but I think Elliott is my most favorite of our 12 years of Halloween costumes.

Boy dressed as a Viking for Halloween costume

Our youngest son is obsessed with the book series The Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan. He’s completely immersed himself in the world the series takes place in, which led to his desire to be a Skandian (similar to a Viking). He doesn’t seem bothered by people assuming he’s simply a Viking, but he did correct a few people Saturday downtown.

Preschool girl dressed as Cinderella for Halloween costume

Our daughter flirted with the idea of being Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, but eventually opted for Cinderella. We had a dress-up Cinderella gown, but our princess required it to be longer and more full like a ballgown. I added two layers of light blue and silver tulle, 2 yards each, underneath the gown which gave us the look we were striving for.

My husband and I attend a Halloween party every year and have a couple’s costume for this year, BUT I’ll have to update this post after Halloween. We like to keep our costumes a secret from other party-goers leading up to the party.


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