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11 Feb
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Reasons I Love You

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This year I’ve implemented a new-to-us idea for our kids leading up to Valentine’s Day. You’ve probably seen the idea of love notes floating around social media. The idea is to write a note with a different thing you love about your child every day from Feb. 1-14.

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather be surprised by chocolate on a random Wednesday “just because” than on Feb. 14. My husband surprised me with coffee when he arrived home from work yesterday evening. I needed that coffee something fierce and appreciated the thoughtfulness, which wasn’t forced on him by commercialization.

The act of thinking about the little things I love about our kids and putting it on paper has given added meaning to the “holiday.” I love the tangibility of the written word. I say lots of things to my kids each day and am never sure what’s sinking in. I’ve enjoyed unraveling the unique things I love about those four people. I’ve enjoyed the act of putting pen to hand-cut hearts to share my feelings. I’ve written one each day for them to find after school. It’s been a simple act, but one I know they’ve appreciated.

Each day they come home from school and eagerly check for their love note and then share it with each other.  All four have kept each hand-written note and stashed it away. Maybe they’ll pull them out to read when we’re not getting along so well. We don’t like each other all the time. I have a teenager who I butt heads with quite often these days. Maybe those hearts will bridge the gap on a day we just can’t seem to find common ground. Even when we don’t like each other, we still love each other.

Maybe they won’t keep the notes to read over past Valentine’s Day. The notes served the purpose of reminding them they are loved, even if it was for only a moment. Sometimes a few simple words is all it takes to lift a person’s spirit. It’s seems I’ve found a new tradition.

Halloween Tradition: Booing Our Friends
By     |    Oct 17, 2014
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Halloween Tradition: Booing Our Friends

We’ve always kept dress-up supplies in all sizes available for the kids to use. I enjoy watching their imaginations explode with the help of a simple piece of fabric. Most days our house is home to archers, spies and princess warriors. Forts are erected, and the kids disappear into a world of make believe. Halloween is one day of the year where a whole lot of people will play make believe together with the bonus addition of candy. Seeing children... [Read More]

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Family-Friendly April Fools’ Day Pranks
By     |    Mar 27, 2014
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Family-Friendly April Fools’ Day Pranks

I like to keep my kiddos on their toes. There’s something exciting about finding the unexpected in your daily routine. April Fools’ Day allows me to be creative and wacky with surprises for my family. We stress the importance of not being mean with our tricks and pranks. The goal is not to embarrass or hurt anyone. Everything is done for a pure silliness factor. After six years of pranks, my kids know something will happen on April 1. The... [Read More]

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DIY LEGO Advent Calendar
By     |    Nov 16, 2013
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DIY LEGO Advent Calendar

We’ve bought LEGO advent calendars in the past, which our children enjoyed. The problem is the expense of the calendars. Spending $30-$40 on an advent calendar isn’t normally in the budget. Last year, I decided to make our own LEGO advent calendar. The kids loved the idea, so I made another one this year. I began searching store advertisements the last couple of weeks looking for a LEGO set with 200-250 pieces and cost around $15-$18. Last week, I found the perfect set.... [Read More]

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